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All in a day's work: Coffee, chats, mascots and kite rescue missions

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We've jotted down some of our favourite moments so far this year that paint a picture of what we have been up to, and what we are most excited about on the approach to summer.

It's been a whirlwind year so far, as we're sure many of you can also attest to! How are the days, weeks and months zipping by so quickly?

We've been busy with both regular pitch fixtures and one off events. It's been unseasonably warm weather, so we've not yet experienced being caught out in the rain (luckily!). Most days we have been outside enjoying the sunshine and summer-like days with our customers and reveling over how lucky we have been.

There was one day at the end of February where we experienced such amazing weather that we saw customers take to the fields around us - with Bean & Fizz drinks in hand - to enjoy picnics! The high temperatures have also been gauged by how rapidly we need to refil the trusty dog water bowl; many of our four-legged friends continue to seek us out when they need to quench their thurst, and always look delighted when treats are in stock!

Bean & Fizz customers pictured at Cabbage Hill in Warfield on a sunny day
Bean & Fizz customers pictured at Cabbage Hill in Warfield

Some our our favourite moments include:

  • The coffee! We enjoy the taste tests and quality control first thing when setting-up, and prepping drinks thereafter - it's never dull and it's always rewarding!

  • Chats! Building up such a great community spirit and seeing return customers bring their loyalty cards for new stamps is amazing to see - we are approaching the first time we will have completed loyalty cards redeemed! Remember you can redeem the cards for any kind of drink, we don't put any limits in place!

  • Mascots! You may not believe this (we are still processing how much of a coincidence this is), but a regular customer has a dog called 'Bean', and more recently we heard that there's another Cabbage Hill dog walker with a a dog called 'Fizz'! We feel like we may have a great mascot combination in the making locally!

  • Kite rescues! On packing down last Sunday we came across a family trying to retrive a kite that was stuck high up in some branches. We looked around for something that might help, and decided our Bean & Fizz flag pole might do the trick. We quickly reassembled the flag pole and reached up to the high branches with it. With a few manvouvers the we were able to dislodge the kite handle and it was free. The mother of the family picked up the kite from the ground and returned it to her son highlighting its sentimental value - a great end to a day's coffee service!

As we embark on this adventure, each day of operating our mobile drinks van is different and memorable. From coffee, chats, mascots and kite rescue missions, it's all in a day's work!

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