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Bean & Fizz launches its signature blend coffee 'Skylark' to buy online and on-site!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

With lockdown restrictions still in place, more of us are at home and craving a decent coffee during the week - be it that coffee fix first thing in the morning, or a 'pick me up' and boost later in the day - so we've gone ahead and launched our signature blend ' Skylark' to buy online or purchase on-site when we're operating at Cabbage Hill!

Online you'll see we've added a coffee subscription option, to allow you to sign up for a regular reoccurring delivery. We've also added the option to buy standalone bags of coffee (selecting either whole bean or ground coffee) and gift packs!

With Valentine's Day on the approach, this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself set-up to enjoy Skylark at home or gift a loved one - showing the love, and your love for coffee!

Why have we called our signature blend Skylark?

We selected the name 'Skylark' for our signature blend in recognition of our local roots in Berkshire and operations at Cabbage Hill, where the Skylarks nest in the fields behind us, and fly up high around us. We wanted to pick a name that resonates with us and our customers - we're hoping you like it as much as we do!

Remember to be careful up/around Cabbage Hill as Skylarks nest at ground level!

What's the best brew method to use to get the best taste out of our coffee?

Our coffee is so versatile - it's great for use with an espresso machine, stove top, fresh press or pour over. You can opt to serve it with milk or as it is --- either produce a great taste, which is why we use Skylark for all our coffee-based drinks at Cabbage Hill!

Buy Skylark online:

In need of a coffee maker at home that won't break the bank?

Check out these options:

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