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Is a Stojo worth it?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If you want to play your part in reducing landfill waste, we believe buying a Stojo is 100% worth it! Stojo is an innovative collapsable drinkware company (although, they could move into other product lines in the this space!)...

If you're walking, travelling or commuting with your Stojo carrying your drink, or refilling it on the go, you're doing your bit to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic reaching landfill.

Stojo's sustainable coffee cups and water bottles are attractive yet practical, so you can still enjoy your weekend guilt-free Bean & Fizz coffee on the go! As they fold down so small, you can easily pop them in a pocket or bag and always have your own drinkware at the ready...

Have you noticed you've been using more single-use plastic and disposables since the COVID-19 pandemic began?

You're not alone! The use of disposables has skyrocketed 250-300% since COVID-19 hit early this year. Along with drinkware, there's the sheer number of masks, gloves and hand sanitiser bottles that get binned at the end of their short single-use lifespan.


Read this BBC article for more information about the COVID-19 single-use plastic impact lasting forever, including a focus on reusable mugs.

"On July, 119 experts from across the globe signed a statement, concluding reusable containers posed no threat to the public during the pandemic."

As we regain our sense of purpose and commitment to saving the planet following a reactionary approach to avoiding COVID-19, reusable products will be back on the minds of many as we look to avoid more mountains of plastic and its accumulation in nature.

The most visual and eye-opening plastic accumulation in nature can be seen in the plastic build up of 'The Great Pacific Garbage Patch' off the coast of California that includes over 1.6 million km2 of plastic (3x the size of France!) - watch this video for an idea of its scale and impact.

Since this short animation was produced, Ocean Clean Up in charge of the clean up effort have gone on to produce their first product from the garbage patch waste collected, sunglasses, with 100% of proceeds going to support the continuation of clean up efforts.

What to know more and do more to reduce plastic waste?

We'll keep you posted on ways you can start to make small changes that will have a big stay tuned for more Bean & Fizz efforts to follow!


On the approach to Christmas, why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of our Stojo coffee mugs or drink bottles? You can find our Stojo range, including new colours, via our online store!

Opt to have your Stojo delivered for free or pick it up from us during our weekend 'coffee on the hill service' at Cabbage Hill, Warfield.

If you order online to collect in person you'll receive a free drink with your Stojo! now!


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