Life before the paint job

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our Piaggio Ape has arrived in the UK and is undergoing fabrication to make it the best 'total solution' drinks wagon we can dream up. The original carriage is a creamy white and the trailer bed is a pastel green. It’s dotted with welding marks and prepped for the internal workings to be added.

The mix of colours and materials will soon be a distant memory as it enters the paint factory! It will materialise a gorgeous shade of mint green and be layered up with our Bean & Fizz decals from there.

Seeing it in this early stage of development, we’ve had to put our vision goggles on, but it’s not been too hard to imagine the end result. Over bottomless coffee mugs we have revisited sketches and colour palettes to bring the vision to life on paper. The countdown to delivery begins...

Ape Classic detail pictured on the front of the Piaggio Ape

Pastel green Piaggio Ape trailer bed (excuse the dust!)

Stay tuned for our updates about procuring the perfect coffee beans and bottles of fizz as the taste tests commence...

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