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Local business spotlight - Amber's Brownies

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This weekend we're collaborating with a new local business called Amber's Brownies to bring you delicious baked goods alongside our popular 'coffee on the hill' service at Cabbage Hill. This is the first time we're running a local business spotlight, so please do stop by and support!

Amber and her venture

Amber started her business last month for the love of baking brownies for family and friends. With rave reviews about her baked goods, she was encouraged to introduce her brownies to the wider public when she was furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To get things going she set-up a Facebook page to promote her regular brownie specials and hasn't looked back! Each week she bakes her traditional chocolate brownies alongside three 'flavours of the week'. If a customer places an order, they can then arrange with Amber directly for collection nearby in Temple Park, Binfield.

Ahead of Christmas, Amber is also preparing Christmas brownie boxes, so check out her Facebook page for related updates!

Will there be any specials available this weekend at Cabbage Hill?

Yes, most definitely! Complementing Bean & Fizz's seasonal gingerbread latte, Amber will be baking some gingerbread brownies alongside her traditional chocolate brownies. Priced at £2 a brownie and served in a takeaway box, you can grab one to go and enjoy it on your walk, or take some home for later.

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