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Local business spotlight - Doggy Bags

Our first local business spotlight was really well received last weekend, so we're showcasing another one this weekend alongside our 'coffee on the hill' service at Cabbage Hill. This time, attention turns to our four legged friends as we collaborate with a local business specialising in homemade all-natural dog treats called 'Doggy Bags'.

Doggy Bags keeps things simple and nutritious

Michelle and her family started Doggy Bags to provide simple and nutritious homemade dog treats that stand apart from the regular brands. As a local family business, she can often be spotted with family members at the Wokingham Market selling their range of all-natural Doggy Bags. The Wokingham Market operates every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9am - 4pm) - you can find our more about it via the town council's website. In addition, they also sell their range of dog treats at festivals and fairs throughout the year.

It's the most wonderful time of year...for treats!

We can't vouch for the taste of the Doggy Bag treats, as we haven't sampled the them --- we'll leave the taste testing to the dogs visiting us at Cabbage Hill this weekend! But, we can attest to the thoughtfulness of the flavours, and the presentation of both the treats and the cute bags they are packaged in - they really do make for a great present for a family member or friend who has a dog!

What flavours are available?

Doggy Bag has refined its offering to:

  • Apple and Mango

  • Super Seed

  • Coconut and Carrot

  • Peanut and Banana

Priced at £3 a Doggy Bag, you can buy one for the walk to treat your four legged friend(s), or grab some for doggy stocking fillers or gifts with Christmas on the approach!

You know how much we love meeting all of your dogs when you come for coffee, so you can image how excited we are to support this local business in promoting their delicious-sounding homemade treats!

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