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On the search for something fun to try out with friends and family this Christmas?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

...Try a mulled wine taste test!

When we were developing our own mulled wine recipe, we embarked on a blind taste test with family and friends to work out what kind of strength and blend of mulled wine stands out.

Everyone enjoyed comparing and contrasting their favourites. We served each in a different colour/type of mug and it was easy to distinguish between the options when we got around to voting on our top choice...

What's more, the house smelt amazing and so inviting with all of the mulled spices filling the air!

Mystery bottle of red wine
Mystery bottle of red wine...

How to get started:

If you're on the search for something fun to try out with friends and family over the next couple of weeks, nip out to the high street and pick out around 4-6 mulled wine brands. All the supermarkets have their own blend they are promoting.

Then you just need to assemble a way to serve up the drinks in different cups to limit any confusion. If you don't have enough different colours/types of mugs available, you can just add labels with numbers to help distinguish the varieties...

Keep a pen and paper handy for when you come to draw conclusions and weigh up the pros and cons of each.

If you have the time and the ingredients handy, give it a go making your own concoction and tweaking the recipe for the same group of blind taste's so rewarding to develop your own receipe, informed by upfront consumer research!

Our results:

We had one clear winner from the blind taste test we ran that appealed to most peoples' taste buds, but we also had a clear loser, which by comparison was overpowering and heavy on the clover. From the tid bits of feedback we received we adjusted the blend of spices, as well as the wine used, to get a result we were proud of serving.

The Bean & Fizz team wish you a Merry Christmas as you get your taste testing underway!

***Remember to drink responsibly, as sampling adds up***

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