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Part of a historic day

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Celebrating the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK

This summer, Bean & Fizz is out and about at events, both near and far. We’re enjoying the sunny days and the soaring temperatures as we head off to new venues!

There’s more to celebrate than just the good weather and new event venues though! In June, we had the chance to take part in an event at Tesla London-Heathrow that marked the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK. As the initial reservation holders lined up to take delivery of their new cars, Bean & Fizz was on-site to provide them with hot drinks as they mingled with other new owners, Tesla staff and existing Tesla owners, who were kindly there to support and answer any ownership-related questions!

This was a special event for us because Bean & Fizz is towed by the all-electric Tesla Model X. We enjoyed the chance to take part in this landmark event – the sense of excitement was shared by all of those present, as new owners arrived for their delivery appointments and drove away in their new electric vehicles (EVs). While Tesla superchargers provided them with the boost they needed to drive home, Bean & Fizz provided a caffeine boost to keep them alert and energised!

And the best bit…they left the delivery centre to cheers and waves as Tesla staff gathered around to give them the best send off!

Bean & Fizz pictured on-site at Tesla London-Heathrow

Why was this event significant?

An energy evolution is taking place, and this event marks the start of the real transition to EVs – a more affordable all-electric car that is nimble and compact, just perfect for UK roads! As deliveries ramp up, it won’t be long until we see lots of Tesla Model 3 cars zipping around. For now, it’s just the long-range model being delivered, but the standard model will follow…

Some of the new Model 3 owners picking up their cars on the day had put their initial deposit down 2+ years ago believing in the company and its concept of a more affordable and compact all-electric car; their commitment and patience was rewarded with a truly memorable delivery day!

Bean & Fizz features on the EV News Daily Podcast:

If you’re interested in hearing a bit more about our Bean & Fizz and Tesla towing experience at the recent Model 3 delivery event, you can listen to our interview with Martyn Lee from EV News Daily.

He’s posting about the latest EV news around the clock, so if you have an interest in EVs, you can subscribe to his podcast for free and support via Patreon!

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Look out for us on the road:

We love seeing other Tesla drivers on the road, so give us a wave if you see us out and about!

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