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Piaggio Ape test drive - a quirky and unparalleled experience!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

From concept to reality, we had the chance to meet Bean & Fizz last week. And not just to see and admire, but to take it on its first test drive!

Full of character from the outside, this little Italian wonder is also full of surprises on the inside. The inner workings of the Piaggio make it nothing like we’ve experienced before. We tried to relate it to driving a manual car, or driving a scooter, but it’s such a unique experience and will definitely take some learning to master - from the way you turn it on, to the handling, it makes for a fun drive!

Within seconds we managed to do a wheelie without intending too. The sheer power it has to take off in first gear with just a few revs amazed us (check out our Instagram stories for videos of the wheelie action!)...

After mastering the basics, we took it around the block a few times and tried our hand at reversing. We took took it in turns to navigate the roads, and wowed passers by as we scooted on by at some pace in third gear along the straights.

Bean & Fizz the completed Piaggio Ape...ready for action!
Bean & Fizz...ready for action!

It really is an exceptional vehicle and we can’t wait to introduce it to venues and events near you. We can imagine it tottering down the road to take up position at the local market and appearing at exquisite event receptions to set-up and serve welcome drinks - beyond its drinks capabilities it will be a real conversation starter, and definitely provide beautiful photo opportunities for all...

We remain excited as ever to get this show on the road...

Contact us with any enquiries, or to make a booking!

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