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Recognising and supporting other local businesses

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This year doesn't compare to any other with the upheaval of 'normal' stemming from the coronavirus pandemic

During the first lockdown we ceased operations for a number of months, and have opened again with extra precautions in place. In this time, we kept busy creating an online store stocking reusable and collapsable Stojo coffee mugs - check it out and order yours now!

We've also been busy seeking out and supporting other local independent businesses, buying from them whenever possible.

It's clear that despite the devastating and far reaching impacts of the coronavirus, there's been a flurry of entrepreneurial activity as people have turned hobbies into businesses, tested out a longstanding business idea or grown their existing ventures online.

Keeping it local

In an effort to highlight some of these local start-ups and independent businesses making waves, we're going to start sharing their stories and promoting them during our 'coffee on the hill' service at Cabbage Hill, Warfield.

This means, on an ad hoc basis we'll be featuring the products and/or services of local businesses so you can learn a bit about them from us, and hopefully go on to support them directly.

So...stay tuned as ahead of this weekend we'll be sharing news of our first local collaboration!

Do you have a local Berkshire-based business you'd like us to shout about?

Contact us via to chat!

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