We're pleased to be able to offer our signature blend 'Skylark' coffee in handy 250g bags so you can enjoy our coffee at home! 

You can select to have whole beans to grind at home, or we can provide ground beans ready for use. Just let us know which you prefer by selecting your prefered 'coffee type' before check out.


Our signature blend is great for your espresso machines, stove top, french press or pour over! 


Skylark has tasting notes of chocolate, brazil nuts and caramel - a winning taste that is popular with customers! 

Skylark | Coffee Subscription | 250g

Price Options
Skylark | 3 months
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£8.73monthly/ 3 months
Skylark | 6 months
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£8.73monthly/ 6 months
Skylark | 1 year
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£8.73monthly/ 12 months
Skylark | Monthly
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£8.73monthly/ auto-renew
Skylark | Weekly
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£8.10weekly/ auto-renew
    • 250g whole bean or ground coffee (select via 'coffee type')
    • Origin: Brazil, El Salvador
    • Altitude: 980 - 1,650m 
    • Process: Washed, natural
    • Tasting notes: Chocolate, brazil nuts, caramel


    • Collection from Cabbage Hill during operational hours is free
    • Free shipping for coffee subscriptions
    • For international shipping requests, please contact us for a quote 
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